My mom’s parents were born in Japan. They came over in 1904 and 1911. Mom is the youngest in a very large family and I am the youngest of three with a nine year spread. Grandmother died a year before I was born and grandfather a year after, so I never got to know them. I named this blog, “Finding Ojiisan, Finding Myself.” Ojiisan means “grandfather.” On my trips to Japan I hoped to better get to know my grandparents, especially my grandfather. What was he like? Why did he come here? How did he succeed despite difficult and trying times?

The impact of these trips on me has been incalculable. Here I hope to capture my thoughts, impressions and reactions to my trips as well as to plot my journey forward as I discover and decide what I will do with this new found knowledge and inspiration.

Thank you for visiting and I welcome and appreciate your comments. Thanks as well to my brother, David, who is my editor. He has a blog of his own called American Currents.

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