English Signs in Japan

Japan loves to use English in its business names, signs, advertising, on T-shirts, and more. The great difficulty in learning and mastering English as a second language unsurprisingly leads to some unusual and funny signs for the native English speaker. Whole websites are devoted to the use (and misuse) of English in foreign countries. In fact, one of my favorite Japanese English signs I saw 19 years ago I submitted to such a website. It can still be viewed here.
Here are some of my favorite Japanese English signs from this trip:

Upscale hair salon in Nagoya
Grocery Store in Nagoya
Nagoya restaurant next to the Ferris wheel
This appears to be a men’s clothing store http://murderlicense.jp/_DSC0586
What possessed them to choose this name? http://www.hotenavi.com/plebeplebe/index.html_DSC1968 _DSC1958
This is a popular second-hand store chain. I saw these all over, as well as their sister stores, “Book Off.”_DSC0863 (2)

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